Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sharma, Sablawat to represent India at Audi Quattro Cup 2010

Sharma, Sablawat to represent India at Audi Quattro Cup 2010 India Finals of the 3rd season of the famous amateur golf tournament ‘Audi quattro Cup' culminates in New Delhi Rahul Sablawat and Deepak Sharma emerge as the winning team Eleven cities & 24 teams participated in the Audi quattro Cup finals this year New Delhi, Sept 5: Rahul Sablawat and Deepak Sharma will represent the Audi India team in the World Finals of the Audi quattro Cup finals 2010 to be held in Sardinia in Italy next month. In the National finals played at the ITC Classic Golf Resort on Saturday, Sablawat and Sharma representing Jaipur beat 23 other teams in an upset victory that saw them emerge winners by a solitary point after having logged 40 stableford points.World Finale in October 2010 at Island of Sardinia, Italy

Why Other Cars Do Not Measure Up To the New Maserati

When most people think of luxury vehicles, they think of BMW and Mercedes. After all, these are the most common luxury vehicles driven in America. But the ultimate luxury car isn't a BMW or a Mercedes. The most incredible driving versatility, amazing comfort and exclusivity can only be found in a Maserati. Italian automaker Maserati was established in 1914. After being bought out by Ferrari in 1999, Maserati was turned into a full luxury car division with more than just sports cars. After a few years of lackluster sales and overcoming the threat of bankruptcy, Maserati has now been transformed into one of the most highly respected luxury car lines in the world. Why? Because other luxury cars just can't measure up to Maserati's high-performance engine and flawless design. If you've never driven a Maserati before, then you don't know what you're missing. But if you're a fan of luxury vehicles and an automobile enthusiast, then what are you waiting for? There's never been a better time to take the new Maserati GranTurismo convertible for a little test drive around the block. The only problem is that you won't want to give it back once you are finished.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

AUDI AG has been a majority owned

AUDI AG has been a majority owned (99.55%) subsidiary of Volkswagen AG since 1966, following a phased purchase of AUDI AG's predecessor, Auto Union, from Daimler-Benz.[8] Volkswagen relaunched the Audi brand with the 1965 introduction of the Audi F103 series. The company name is based on the surname of the founder, August Horch. "Horch", meaning "listen", becomes "Audi" when translated into Latin. The four rings of the Audi logo each represent one of four car companies that banded together to create the company. Audi's slogan is Vorsprung durch Technik, meaning "Advancement through Technology". Recently in the United States, Audi has updated the slogan to "Truth in Engineering".

Eterniti 2012 Beijing Motor Show

The first car unveiled by Eterniti is a crossover prototype based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S , with sales expected in 2012. Initially called Hemera, it was renamed Artemis when shown at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. The Artemis features a tweaked version of the Porsche 4.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8, producing 600 bhp (447 kW; 608 PS) and 553 lb·ft (750 N·m) of torque, resulting in a claimed a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 180 mph (289.7 km/h). The team of Eterniti Motors is; Alastair Macqueen – Chief Engineer, Alan Mobberley - Head of Design and Interiors, Tim Sugden - General Manager, Mark Carbery - Head of Brand and Communications

Monday, 3 December 2012

Aic Kia Corey...

AIC Kia Of Manassas - AIC Kia Of Manassas Net 2009 Kia Borrego V8 4WD: Function The Borrego offers all the necessities for an active family, such as a 60/40-folding second row (which also reclines), and a 50/50-split third row, which is relatively easy to stow and put back into place. However, the Borrego's lack of a power liftgate is a glaring omission, especially considering Kia's "more luxury for the money" claim. The rear cargo area with all seats in use, while not as big as the Explorer's (or that of most midsize crossovers, for that matter), is a somewhat adequate 12.4 cubic feet.

New Honda CRV with DVd

About to shell out dollars for any brand new Honda vehicle? The ideal choice! Honda CRV has grown large amount of popularity in a really brief period will be quickly becoming everyone's chosen selection. And you have quite a number of models to determine via as outlined by the financial strategy as well as honda crv dvd. No matter whether you will want gleaming, fast model or even a top end comfort vehicle, you can definitely find this from Kia.

2012 Honda Civic: No Really, it's the All-New

We know many of you will find it hard to believe at a first look, but this here is the completely new, North American market, 2012 Honda Civic. Even though it may seem otherwise, the 9th generation Civic has been designed from the ground up and shares very few parts -if any- with its predecessor, well that is, aside from its styling personality which has gone from bland to blander... Not surprisingly, Honda managed to remove all the styling elements that made the Detroit Motor Show Civic concepts somewhat worth a second look from the production models. The design similarities with the 8th generation Civic are not only visible on the outside but continue inside as wells with the dashboard styling and the near identical layout.

Monday, 26 November 2012

fast cars in The World: Top 10 List 2012-2013

Volvo trademark for all its bearing products.

Volvo means "I roll" in Latin, conjugated from "volvere", in relation to ball bearing. The name Volvo was originally registered in May 1911 as a separate company within SKF AB and as a registered trademark with the intention to be used for a special series of ball bearing, but this idea was only used for a short period of time and SKF decided to use "SKF" as the trademark for all its bearing products.

Opel-auto plant on brink of closure

The US car maker General Motors (GM) has responded to losses in its European business with massive job cuts and the closure of its Opel plant in Bochum, Germany. A press release from the company announced: “Following the discontinuation of the current Zafira Tourer (2016) and subject to further consultations, no new product is planned for manufacture at the Opel plant in Bochum”. This seals the fate of some 3,200 Opel employees and many thousands of workers at other companies whose survival directly depends on the plant in Bochum. The IG Metall trade union and works councils have been involved in intensive negotiations with management since last spring. They knew GM was resolutely pushing for closure of the Bochum plant. But they continually tried to appease the bosses and reassure the workforce. Under no circumstances were they prepared to lead a serious struggle to defend jobs. Instead, they offered increasingly lavish concessions. At the start of negotiations, for example, the union agreed to postpone a paltry pay increase of 4.3 percent.

Honda-was the first Japanese automobile

Honda was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand, Acura, in 1986. Aside from their core automobile and motorcycle businesses, Honda also manufactures garden equipment, marine engines, personal watercraft and power generators, amongst others. Since 1986, Honda has been involved with artificial intelligence/robotics research and released their ASIMO robot in 2000. They have also ventured into aerospace with the establishment of GE Honda Aero Engines in 2004 and the Honda HA-420 HondaJet, scheduled to be released in 2012. Honda invests about 5% of its revenues in research and development.

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